Bestowed Kitchen’s pop-up café-deli in Walthamstow

Bestowed Kitchen pop-up shop front

If wholesome and colourful salads bursting with flavour tickle your tastebuds, but you also like to indulge in something sweet, then you need to catch Bestowed Kitchen’s pop-up café-deli while you can.

Bestowed Kitchen, founded by local Walthamstow residents Jeremy Wood and Sabrina Floriani, opened their doors to the public at Hoe Street Central on 18th March to serve an array of breakfast and lunchtime treats until Sunday 29th March.

Taking pride in making all of their food from scratch – from homemade chutneys and mustard to decadent and indulgent cakes – Bestowed Kitchen describe their dishes as different and curious and this is evident in their use of a wealth of interesting flavours.

Supreme salads

‘Salad? That’s rabbit food’ is a phrase I’ve all too often heard in the past. But Bestowed Kitchen have proved that the days of bland, iceburg lettuce leaves and boring raw carrot shavings are safely behind us.

Their selection of superb salads take influence from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines using a diverse mix of sweet and savoury flavours and vibrant, colourful ingredients.

Herby and nutty roasted carrots

Growing up, I wasn’t particularly fussy. I’ve always quite happily eaten carrots. Boiled, roasted, raw, I’ll take them as they come. But they aren’t a vegetable that I’ve ever found particularly exciting. Until now.

These cold roasted carrots were delicious. Brought to life by coriander and cumin, the toasted almonds added a bit of crunch and the dates a little extra sweetness. Relatively simple yet very tasty, and well presented.

Roasted carrots

Pearl barley with whipped feta and pumpkin

There is a lot going on in this salad; it’s bursting with wonderful flavours. A base of pearl barley is filling and brings a nutty flavour, mixed with sweet and soft pumpkin cubes, flavoursome balsamic red onion slices, a touch of parsley and topped with zesty, creamy yet light lemon whipped feta. De-licious.

There were also some hazelnuts mixed in, which I don’t think the dish really needed, but otherwise it was top notch.

The idea of whipped feta is really innovative and not something I’ve come across before in all of my vegetarian eating. Definitely something to try.

Pearl barley with pumpkin and feta

Satisfying sweets

When you’ve got a few of your five-a-day from Bestowed Kitchen’s salads, satisfy your sweet tooth with one of their delicious desserts.

Honeycomb with chocolate and sea salt

Wow wee. This is like a Crunchie’s older, mischievous brother. The sprinkling of sea salt juxtaposed with the melt-in-the-mouth honeycomb and sweet milk chocolate leaves you wanting more.

Honeycomb with chocolate and sea salt

Earl grey chocolate brownies

You can’t beat a well-baked chocolate brownie. Rich, moist and with a subtle hint of citrus from the earl grey, these brownies tick all the boxes for chocolate lovers.

Earl grey chocolate brownies

Community feel

As well as all of the interesting, varied food on offer, Bestowed Kitchen have managed to put their own stamp on their temporary space with help from the community in E17.

The walls are decked with prints from local artists and the quirky, upcycled furniture has been handpainted by a local designer, all of which is available to buy. And even the counters, made from wooden palettes, were made nearby at the Forest Recycling Project.

The Bestowed Kitchen pop-up is full of character, tasty food and drinks (locally brewed beers and Caravan coffee) and a real community spirit.

It’s on every day (Monday – Friday, 10am till 6pm. Saturday – Sunday, 9am till 6pm) until Sunday 29th March at Hoe Street Central, Unit 3 Central Parade, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4RT. A mere four-minute walk from Walthamstow Central underground station. Don’t miss out!


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